Voice-Over Voice Actor

A Peek Into The Secret World Of The Voice Actor

Interested in pursuing a career in VO? Curious what goes on behind the scenes in a business where people talk funny for money? This book offers a fun and comprehensive look at what it takes, what goes on and what it’s like behind the mic from two working pros who started from scratch.

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Newsletter: Sweet September!


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Holy Wow! It's September already. I love the fall so much. The baking, the leaves, the glow of lights (since the days are shorter) and the hunkering down. Yuri and I have finally taken some much needed rest and went to Desert Hot Springs for a long weekend! Whew! It is amazing how rejuvenating even a weekend of R&R can be.  And now we are hunkering down. Our second feature film Con Artists is a hairsbreadth away from finishing post-production and we will be screening it this fall. Plus, there are two films out now I think you shouldn't miss. Sweet September!

Tara :) (&Yuri)

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Click Here To Read: Sweet September! Newsletter Sept. 2012