Voice-Over Voice Actor

A Peek Into The Secret World Of The Voice Actor

Interested in pursuing a career in VO? Curious what goes on behind the scenes in a business where people talk funny for money? This book offers a fun and comprehensive look at what it takes, what goes on and what it’s like behind the mic from two working pros who started from scratch.

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We Have a Winner of our Voice Over Trivia Contest!

We have a winner of our Voice Over Trivia Contest! Congratulations to Raymond from San Diego, who wins a copy of our book, "Voice-Over Voice Actor" and the companion CD.

The correct answers are:

1) Of their almost 100 credited titles together, what animated spin on a classic fairytale featured VO big-hitters Mel Blanc and June Foray in the 50's?" Red Riding Hoodwinked

2) Which two actors have most often voiced the Star Wars character of Yoda? Frank Oz and Tom Kane

3) Which Hollywood A-lister has done commercial VO for Budweiser and worked opposite Meryl Streep in an Oscar Nominated Animated feature?" George Clooney

Thanks to everyone who participated!